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ZIACOR is increasing the product range with ZiaTestOne

Imagen de ZiacomTestone


Digital innovation applied to the dental industry not only improves the patient experience, but also saves time and costs, as well as optimizing workflow in the laboratory.

ZIACOM and ZIACOR work together to provide a digital process that begins with intraoral scanning using the CS 3600 scanner, so that the patient will feel more comfortable and will enjoy an experience less invasive.

From the digital file obtained, ZIACOR may produce from the design of the model, to the biocompatible provisional, surgical guide or splint of discharge. Once the design is validated, it is printed in 3D in a few simple steps and is available in a few hours.

ZiaTestOne presentation

At Expodental 2018 we expanded our offer with ZiaTestOne, a service that allows you to combine tooth, metal and sponge testing in a single clinical meeting. ZiaTestOne, is the digital flow application designed to provide the professional with an easy and fast job.

For more information, please contact your sales representative.

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