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USAL Ziacom

USAL – Theoretical-practical experience

On September 25, ZIACOM gave a theoretical-practical workshop on prosthetic attachments at the University of Salamanca (USAL).

The day began with a theoretical presentation by Dr. Daniela Bazzano, of the entire range of prosthetic attachments available for external, internal and conical hexagonal connection implants. The aim of the presentation was to explain in detail the indications, functions, advantages and manipulation of each of ZIACOM’s prosthetic attachments.

Later, together with Dr. José Sirica, the students had the opportunity to manipulate and position the different attachments on the working models, using the instruments of the prosthetic box. In this way, it is easier to put theoretical concepts into practice, thus strengthening the knowledge for a successful clinical practice.

ZIACOM will continue to provide training in the field of conventional and digital implantology, through invitations made by Dr. Javier Montero Jiménez, university professor.