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ZIACOM gives a prosthodontics workshop on implants at the University of Salamanca

Formación componentes protésicos

ZIACOM, a Spanish company committed to quality dental training, last week gave a prosthodontics workshop on implants and clinical application of prosthetic components.

Implant prosthetic restoration is a fundamental pillar of treatment in oral implantology. Diagnosis and planning, as well as the correct selection of the type of restoration and the components to be used, are the basis for the success of a functional and aesthetic prosthodontic treatment.

In order to achieve predictable long-term treatment, restoration criteria such as occlusion control and peri-implant maintenance in the patient’s follow-up clinical consultations are just as important.

Workshop based on theoretical-practical experience

Through the invitation of Dr. Javier Montero Jiménez, professor at the University of Salamanca (USAL), ZIACOM shared its experience in implantology with students in the fifth year of the degree in dentistry. At this conference, Dr Daniela Bazzano, Technical Product Manager, explained in detail the range of prosthetic abutments available for internal and external hexagonal connection implants.

The doctor began with the abutments presentation, stressing the functions, indications, advantages and manipulation of each of them. At the same time, from a didactic point of view, she structured the abutments in groups: direct to implant, restorations using transepithelials, overdenture restorations and prosthodontic instruments necessary for optimal clinical practice.

Finally, the students positioned the different components on working models, using the instruments of the prosthetic box. In this way, they put into practice the knowledge learned during the day and thus strengthened all the concepts.

Ongoing collaboration with USAL

ZIACOM thanks Dr Montero and the university for the invitation and continuous collaboration between both entities. Soon, Dr Mariana Hernández Díaz will give new workshops on digital dentistry and the use of intraoral scanners.

ZIACOM appreciates its passage through the V Joint Meeting
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