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ZIACOM gives practical workshop on Carestream CS 3600 at CEUFP

Carestream CEUFP

Last Friday 25th October, Ziacom’s product department, Dr. Daniela Bazzano and Dr. José Sirica, gave a practical workshop on the use of the Carestream CS 3600 intraoral scanner, at the CEUFP (Centro de Estudios Universitarios de Formación y Postgrado) in Madrid.

The workshop reinforced the knowledge of the students of the Implant Prosthetic Master, who acquired this technique in the previous theoretical workshop. They also had the opportunity to practice, in a real office situation, on patients operating the scanner and its software.

The objective of this practice was to instruct the Master’s students on the clinical use of intraoral scanners, emphasizing the simplicity and advantages of their use, thus improving the academic and practical preparation of the Master’s students.

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