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ZIACOM will be present at the First CEU-ICOI Symposium


CEU San Pablo University and ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists) jointly organise the First CEU-ICOI Symposium. The event, which will be held at the CEU San Pablo University in Montepríncipe on 19th October, hopes to bring together many members and offer a high scientific level.

The Symposium will deal with the main trends in oral implantology. Among them, topics such as: transzigomatic, bioceramic and immediate post-extraction implants; treatment of peri-implant mucosal recessions and peri-implantitis with local antibiotics; complications in maxillary sinus lift and regeneration techniques of hard and soft tissues in the aesthetic sector.

The First CEU-ICOI Symposium will also have the presence of the most important commercial companies in the field. One of them will be ZIACOM, which will have a commercial representation space during the event.

ZIACOM will present its most outstanding products

During this celebration, ZIACOM will highlight its conical connection implants, Galaxy and ZV2, as well as its internal connection implants, Zinic, Zinic MT and its extra-short, Zinic Shorty. It will also present the advantages offered by its range of biomaterials; bone regenerators, Osseos BCP and Osseo TCP; and synthetic membranes, Zellplex and T-Gen.

At the same time, it will show the benefits of its unique combination of guided surgery; using ZIACOM’s Zinic 3D planning software; and the intraoral scanner, Carestream CS 3600. This joining offers an intuitive digital flow, which helps to plan implant surgeries and minimises unforeseen events that may arise during surgery.

ZIACOM will also expose the results and the different options offered by CAD-CAM technology from your laboratory and milling centre, ZIACOR CAD-CAM.

During the First Symposium CEU-ICOI, come to ZIACOM’s stand and discover the company’s wide range of products and state-of-the-art solutions. The combination of both products offers an intuitive digital flow that saves clinical planning time while minimising unforeseen events that may arise during surgery.

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