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Ziacom biomaterial tiburon

The New Materials Group led by Professor Pío González of the University of Vigo and Ziacom Medical have reached an agreement for the technological development and commercialization of a new biomaterial that has emerged from the Biofast project (Bio Fluor Apatite Shark Teeth). This has been the first license agreement that will allow the commercialization of the results of projects supported by the Ignicia program of the Galician Agency of INNOVATION (GAIN) in which the Barrié Foundation collaborates.

The experience of the research group in ceramic materials, together with the abundant landings in the Port of Vigo of sharks from sustainable fishing, led to the use of shark teeth to obtain biocompatible ceramics that will allow the recovery of bone tissue before the placement of an implant or to treat human bones damaged by fractures and even cancer.

In vitro and small animal tests have demonstrated the biocompatibility of the material, its non-toxicity and its ability to promote bone regeneration to the same extent as other commercially available fillings.

Once again, ZIACOM® is committed to development and medical advances.