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ZIACOM holds a theoretical-practical day at the University CEU San Pablo, in Monteprincipe (Madrid).

ZIACOM had the opportunity to participate in a theoretical-practical session about the indications and uses of biomaterials with a group of international students. It was hosted by Dr. Bryan Behr García, professor of Advanced Periodontics at the CEU San Pablo University in Madrid.

From the educational side, the development of manual skills and abilities are only achieved by applying the knowledge imparted. For this reason, ZIACOM offered a theoretical-practical session to contribute to the development of the techniques learned, as well as the training of professionals that are capable of facing the different clinical situations that may occur in daily practice.

The journey began with the presentation of the ZIACOM biomaterials range.

Dr. María Carolina Fernández, Product Manager of ZIACOM, opened the course by presenting the features and indications of the bone substitutes Osseos BCP and Osseos TCP, and the resorbable membranes ZellPlex and T-Gen. During that part of the meeting, the focus was on resorbable synthetic ceramics, OsseosBCP, composed of 75% hydroxyapatite and 25% tricalcium phosphate, whose mechanical properties, porosity and interconnectivity meet the needs of bone biology. Also the highly specialized layers that make up Zellplex membrane, as well as its handling properties, tensile strength and barrier effect were detailed.

During the second half of the journey, there was a hands-on part.

The practical part was focused on surgeries on pig heads. For this purpose, the full thickness flap was lifted and a bone defect with an exodontia was produced. OsseosBCP and the resorbable membrane Zellplex were also used to repair the defect and finally the tissue synthesis was carried out.

All procedures performed by the students during the practice were monitored by Dr. Behr along with Dr. Mariana Hernández Díaz and Dr. Daniela Bazzano Saglimbeni, from ZIACOM product department. Also they were supported by Antonio Lopéz, sales representative of the company.

ZIACOM, in collaboration with prestigious universities and institutions, is once again committed to continuous training, proving the compromise to the dental field.

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ZIACOM will be attending the V Joint Meeting organized by ICOEC, CPHDG and COPRODEGA.
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