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Discover the advantages of the ZIACOM surgical guides

guías quirúrgicas

Today, guided surgery is a revolution in implant procedures. ZIACOM is always at the cutting edge of technology offering the professional high quality surgical guides. Using these guidelines the surgeon is able to transfer the implant planning to the surgical procedure. The surgical planning is previously performed using the Zinic3D planning software, which combines the information from the CT scan and the study models.

ZIACOM Surgical Guides

ZIACOM surgical guides allow you to do surgery accurately, safely and minimally invasively. As a result, the time required for the intervention will be reduced and, as a result, the postoperative stage will be shorter, resulting in less inflammation and pain. By using these guides, which are manufactured with biocompatible resins and the latest technology in 3D printing and autoclavable, patients will benefit considerably from a quick intervention and recovery.

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