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ZIACOM successfully closes its presence in the II Congress SEDEAM 2019


On May 24th and 25th ZIACOM was in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria participating in the celebration of the II Congress SEDEAM 2019.

Organised by the Spanish Society of the Evolution of the Human Masticatory Apparatus Disease (SEDEAM), the event took place in the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The main topics of the event were the EEAMH (Human Masticatory Apparatus Evolution Disease) DOF (Occlusal and Functional Imbalances) and CAT (Temporomandibular Joint Commitment), the three-dimensional control of stomatogmatic development, the repositioning of the occlusal plane and the stabilisers of equilibrium, among others.

ZIACOM sponsored the award for the best communication SEDEAM 2019

ZIACOM had an exhibition space, where it showed its most outstanding products to the attendees of the event. Among them, it presented its conical connection implants, Galaxy and ZV2, as well as its internal connection implants, Zinic, Zinic MT and Zinic Shorty. He also showed his range of biomaterials, bone regenerators Osseos BCP and Osseos TCP, and their synthetic resorbable membranes, Zellplex and T-Gen.

He also dedicated an important space to CAD-CAM technology applied to prosthetic restorations, as well as the different techniques used in his laboratory and ZIACOR milling centre to achieve favourable and aesthetic restorations that meet the patient’s expectations.

Another point that marked the company’s presence at the event was its sponsorship of the best oral communication SEDEAM 2019. ZIACOM awarded with a kit of 20 implants plus surgery box to the editor of the award-winning communication.

ZIACOM makes a positive assessment of this new participation in a congress organised by SEDEAM, so it hopes to be present again in future editions. At the same time, ZIACOM takes this opportunity to thank Dr José Larena-Avellaneda for his willingness to work with the company and congratulates him on the good results of the congress.

ZIACOM gives a theoretical-practical workshop at the European University of Valencia
ZIACOM appreciates its participation in SEPA 2019
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