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ZIACOM, spanish designer and manufacturer of dental implants from Madrid, begins its expansion abroad

Biotech Corporation in growth process 100% Spanish Capital

Ziacom Medical Group companies, 100% Spanish capital, are immersed in an internationalization process. Designing and manufacturing dental implants, prosthetic components and surgical instruments are Ziacom´s main activity, the parent company. Alejandro del Valle, its CEO, as an expert in the sector where has been working over 15 years, has achieved duplicate results in four consecutive periods and has increased the workforce in 40% in a time of crisis. Ziacom´s entry to the Stock Market is planned in 2017 as a consequence of its gradual increase of benefits. The success of ZIACOM is attributed by the CEO, Alejandro del Valle to “a competitive product on the market, with the best quality-price where contribute to a competitive advantage over the big international brands. The market trusts in us because we are not a subsidiary office in Spain of an International brand. We are manufacturers and this creates trust. To a minimum request our response capacity is almost immediate, sometimes on the same day”.

“The clinical and functional success of dental implants in patients guarantees and reinforces the customers´ confidence, with a consequent increase of the demand. On the other hand, I think that we have adapted our products to the market changes and new technologies, introducing new innovative manufacture and verification processes for our products. The coming year we shall allocate 50% of the general budget to R+D+I. This fact makes us overcome ourselves surrounded by the best professional both in manufacturing plant, as in commercial network and others profiles. We have incorporated these profiles as it was suitable in this moment”..

“In addition we promote and increase collaborations with various universities and professionals that already guarantee our products with its scientific support. In that sense the 2017 will be also a year of development of our training plan for dentists, Implantologists and specialists of the industry”.

A promising future for a group with great potential and a current staff that will approach to 125 workers the next year and ambitious plans, such as the opening of a new production manufacturing plant and a new line of products for maxillofacial surgery. With a 20% annual growth forecast, it will open at the beginning of 2017 a new manufacturing plant in Pinto (Madrid) of 4,000 m², to increase its production capacity due to strong demand. More square meters for diversification of products aimed at the training of professionals, because of the fact that current plant becomes too small.

ZIACOM formerly known as Osseolife (founded in Madrid in the year 2004 with 100% Spanish capital), started his activity in September of 2015. Since the beginning, as Group Ziacom Medical began to produce different types of implants as well as implantology elements for several firms in the European market. Since the year 2005 in Italy and 2006 in Spain started to launch his own implant systems under Osseolife brand, with the production of implant´s internal and external hex. Currently, ZIACOM has expanded its portfolio with different lines of implants.

International Expansion Process

The year 2017 may be a successful year of international expansion for Ziacom Medical, after landing in the USA with its own office. In addition ZIACOM  opens up to the global market. It has recently signed agreements with distributors in Turkey, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Iran and Portugal and hold negotiations with other countries such as Italy, Germany, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and United Kingdom. All of this, with the satisfaction of contributing to a positive image of Made in Spain, without intermediaries in our country.

Ziacom Medical S.L is still researching and innovating and today is one of the leading brands in the dental sector in Spain with a growing presence in international markets. Faithful to its continual desire to innovate, the company continues to invest in R+D+I and looking for new solutions and products and to satisfy the new requirements of its clients. As a result of investment in technology, ZIACOR CAD-CAM, another company of the group, was born in 2014. ZIACOR is specialized in CAD-CAM technology, making machining processes, sintering and 3D prototyping. With the merging of new technologies and a highly specialized team, ZIACOR offers all sorts of innovative solutions for making personalized prosthesis to the patient.

Collaboration with universities and scientific societies

Within its comunication and branding policy, the Corporate strategy includes the presence in fairs and congresses nationally and internationally to publicize their products and innovations. ZIACOM has recently recruited a new Communication Manager and a Product Manager. Furthermore ZIACOM is closing collaboration and training agreements with different national and international universities, apart from financing studies of product with different experts in dental implantology.


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