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ZIACOM obtaines the homologation by Osstell


ZIACOM has obtained the homologation by Osstell to be included soon in the manufacturers list, which guarantees ISQ value. It is possible to measure the RFA value in ZIACOM Zinic RP and ZM4 RP implants using Smartpeg Type 32 and Smartpeg type 1, respectively.

RFA (Resonance frequency analysis) is the best technique to evaluate the implant stability due to the repeatability, objectivity and non-invasiveness. It is recommended to take measurements at the moment of the implant placement (mechanical initial stability) and before loading the final prosthesis in order to establish the osseointegration level.

Following, there are some RFA features that prove the effectiveness of this indicator: It uses the tuning fork principle; the more resistance there is between the bone and the implant, the higher is the frequency; the ISQ (Implant stability Quotient) values are derived from the frequency scale (kHz) and vary from 1 to 100; the more stability, the higher ISQ values are recorded;  it works by magnetic impulses that excite the smartpeg placed on the implant; The frequency of vibration of the smartpeg is measured; finally, the more stability, causes more vibration and higher frequency (ISQ).

ZIACOM provides information and means for measuring the key parameter for the success of the implant: “To achieve and to maintain the implant stability” [1] Albrektsson T, Zarb GA. Current inerpretations of the osseointegrated response: Clinical significance. Int J Prosthodont 1993: 6: 95-105.

ZIACOM was awarded by the «Instituto para la excelencia profesional»
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