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ZIACOM, new official partner of Clinical Trainers

Colaboración Clinical Trainers

ZIACOM, a leading company in the design and manufacture of dental implants, has signed a partnership agreement with the consulting firm and specialised training centre, Clinical Trainers.

Clinical Trainers was created with the aim of helping professionals in the dental field to get to know and develop all clinical management issues: operating protocols, coaching, marketing, human resources, occupational health and safety and communication skills. They have an experienced teaching staff and modern facilities, in which the most advanced technical and educational methods of the moment are applied.
On the basis of training leading professionals, Clinical Trainers offers three types of training: face-to-face, semi-presential and online, in order to facilitate access to continuous training for all professionals.

Clinical Trainers and ZIACOM consolidate their partnership agreement

On December 17th, Inés Navas Elipe (Clinical Trainer CEO) and Nieves Romera, (Clinical Consultant and Head of the Pedagogical Area) came to our technological centre in Pinto (Madrid) to consolidate the signing of our agreement.

Christian Ordoñez, National Operations Manager of ZIACOM, expressed to Inés Navas and Nieves Romera all the gratitude and enthusiasm that the management of ZIACOM is putting into this new partnership agreement. During the meeting, they also discussed several topics on the training areas that ZIACOM will lead in the 2019 training plan.

ZIACOM, as expert in implantology and digital flow, will sponsor different master’s degrees in these subjects and will give courses and theoretical-practical training on digital flow with the use of intraoral scanning and implantology.

ZIACOM is committed to future cooperation

We are confident on a long-term and prosperous cooperation with Clinical Trainers. The fact of recognized companies such as Clinical Trainers rely on us is very grateful for ZIACOM.

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