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ZIACOM launches Zellplex, a new biomaterial.

Zellplex biomaterial

Zellplex is a polymeric resorbable synthetic membrane composed by polylactic glycolic acid (PLGA), 100% biodegradable, whose bi-layer structure prevents epithelial growth and also promotes cell infiltration to induce bone regeneration.

The structure of the intrinsic synthetic microfibers simulates the structure of human collagen and serves as a 3D matrix for early cell colonization and vascularization. It has an exceptional tissue adherence during the surgery, as well as being flexible, strong and resistant to tears with the possibility of being sutured or fixed with pins or tacks.

Flexibility and easy handling enable it to adapt to deficient anatomies. It is highly resistant, keeping architecture and structural integrity for up to six months. This membrane is indicated for regeneration procedures of soft and hard tissues, which are increasingly necessary in implant aesthetics and functionality.

In dental implants, bone regeneration techniques may be applied before placing implants, in order to preserve bone tissue stability or restore loss of volume. Regeneration during the surgical procedure of implant placement is also an option for treatment, thus reducing delays for the completion of definitive rehabilitation. Membranes have a crucial role to play in guided bone and tissue regeneration preceding or simultaneous with implant placement.

Zellplex membrane is reabsorbed by hydrolysis of the polymer, the barrier function is preserved for the first 4 weeks and is completely reabsorbed after 6 months. Zellplex is free animal derivatives and thus provides a treatment alternative for those patients whose culture or life-style does not require the use of animal products.

This membrane, available in two sizes 15 x 20 mm and 20 x 30 mm, extends the ZIACOM biomaterials range to provide professionals reliable and predictable regenerative solutions for the success of implantology.

ZIACOM holds two implantology conferences in Colombia
ZIACOM, official sponsor of the XLI Congress of the Society of Biomechanics and Biomaterials (SIBB).
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