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ZIACOM holds a new workshop on oral implantology at the European University of Valencia

taller implantología

Last Monday, June 17th, ZIACOM gave a theoretical-practical workshop on Zinic Shorty extra-short implants at the European University of Valencia. This course was aimed at students of the master’s degree in Advanced Oral Implantology, by Dr Pedro Mazón Esteve (Degree in Dentistry at the Iberoamerican University, Official Master’s Degree in Advanced Oral Implantology at the European University, Master’s Degree in Occlusion and Oral Rehabilitation at ESORIB).

The workshop began with a lecture given by Dr Juan Pedro Mazón Esteve on the technique of placing this type of implants. Then, it continued with the presentation of the features and specifications of the extra-short Zinic Shorty implants, by Dr Mariana Hernández, Product Manager of ZIACOM.

After that, Dr Mariana Hernández highlighted the advantages of using this type of implants for clinical cases with availability and critical bone quality, as an alternative to complex bone regeneration procedures and with the objective of favouring the biomechanical distribution of occlusal forces in the definitive restoration.

During the practical part of the workshop, the students had the opportunity to carry out the drilling protocol of the Zinic Shorty implant in resin jaws. They then selected the healing abutments and handled the ZPlus multifunction abutment, which can be used as an impression transfer with the Quickly Screw for open tray technique.

ZIACOM continues to provide training on the different implants in its product portfolio

With the help of the European University of Valencia, ZIACOM has given theoretical and practical courses using ZM8 and Zinic Shorty implants with their corresponding prosthetic abutments.

Thanks to the success achieved in these workshops, ZIACOM will continue to offer training by the hand of Dr Juan Pedro Mazón Esteve, on the different implants in its range of products.

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