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ZIACOM gives training to students of the Alfonso X el Sabio University

Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio

Last Wednesday, June 5th, the students of the second year of the Master in Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthesis at the Alfonso X el Sabio University, visited the ZIACOM facilities to enjoy a training on digital dentistry given by Dr Mariana Hernández, Product Manager of ZIACOM.

During the beginning of the meeting, the students carried out a guided tour of the company’s facilities, where they could see the different production areas of ZIACOM and of the laboratory and milling centre, ZIACOR CAD-CAM.

Dr Mariana began the workshop by giving a detailed theoretical training on digital dentistry, based on the combination of surgical planning software, Zinic 3D and the use of the Carestream CS 3600 intraoral scanner. The doctor then gave the students a theoretical evaluation to make sure that they had understood all the subject matter taught.

This was followed by a short break where the students were able to taste a delicious coffee break offered by the company, while sharing day-to-day experiences with ZIACOM employees.

After this break, the practical day of the workshop began, where the students performed the placement of implants following the guided surgery protocol seen above, for which they used surgical splints. All this was carried out on resin biomodels and surgical guides, both made using 3D printing. Finally, the students carried out intraoral scanning tests on phantom, getting to know the different workflow offered by Carestream’s CS3600 intraoral scanner. During this second part of the training, Dr Mariana received the support of her colleagues in the product department and the commercial delegates of the Community of Madrid, to be able to supervise all the practice correctly.

ZIACOM thanks the Alfonso X el Sabio University for the trust placed in them and trusts to continue carrying out different joint trainings.

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