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ZIACOM gives a new training to the students of the Alfonso X El Sabio University


Last Thursday, July 4th, the first-year students of the Implant and Prosthetics Master of the Alfonso X El Sabio University (UAX), came to the ZIACOM facilities to enjoy a prosthesis training on implants, given by Dr Daniela Bazzano, Technical Product Manager of ZIACOM.

The day began with a theoretical lesson of immediate loading with overdentures in ZMK monopiece implants, detailing the drilling protocol for this implant and step by step of an immediate loading in prostheses on implants. The basic principles of occlusion, the controls to be followed and the prosthetic maintenance to be carried out in this type of restorations were also explained.

The company’s facilities were then shown to the students, where they were able to visualise and understand in detail the production processes carried out at ZIACOM and at its laboratory and milling centre, ZIACOR CAD-CAM.

Afterwards, there was a brief break where the students could taste a delicious coffee break offered by the company, at the same time that they shared the day-to-day experiences with the sales representatives and with the people in charge of ZIACOM’s product department.

Later, Dr Daniela Bazzano resumed the training starting the practical part of the day, where the students placed the implants in resin jaws, following the drilling protocol described in the theoretical lesson. Finally, they carried out the immediate loading with a complete prosthesis pre-assembled by the ZIACOR CAD-CAM laboratory, using the processing packs available for overdentures.

ZIACOM thanks the Alfonso X El Sabio University for the trust placed in the company. At the same time, it hopes to continue doing different joint training, as it has been doing in this last term.

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