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ZIACOM follow-up its investigation agreement with FISEVI


ZIACOM has signed a scientific collaboration agreement with FISEVI (Andalusian Public Foundation for Health Research Management in Seville).

According to this agreement, Dr. Daniel Torres Lagares, as main investigator of the project, will carry out a research, development and innovation project in the field of oral implantology . FISEVI will conduct the biological studies in vivo and in vitro to increase the biological knowledge of our Osseonova  surface, in accordance with the company’s R & D & I strategy.

On June 13th, Dr. Daniel Torres Lagares, directed his team in the surgical seminar realized in the Center of Surgery of Minimal Invasion Jesús Usón.

TAOMS 17-24th International Turkish Scientific Congress of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
ZIACOM positively values its presence in FDI
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