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ZIACOM closed succesfully the Digital Dentistry Show

On the 15th of September, the Olympia Convention and Conference Centre in London hosted one of the most important international events in the United Kingdom. Digital Dentistry Show showed attendees a programme focused exclusively on advances in digital dentistry.

ZIACOM joined the more than 200 exhibitors at the congress organized by the FMC Dentistry Information Centre with the aim of achieving continuous improvement of its products and services.

The most advanced technology in the field of digital dentistry

ZIACOM answered the hundreds of professionals and specialists in the field who met last weekend at the Digital Dentistry Show to learn about the present and future of digital dentistry.

The company had a great place in which the new Digital Workflow was introduced with the advantages A true digital revolution that succeeds by using the most innovative technologies in the sector.

The perfect combination of technology and vanguard, through the use of Carestream’s CS 3600 intraoral scanner and its Zinic3D surgical planning software, was exhibited to the attendees by ZIACOM.

As official distributor of Bien-Air Dental, the company shared to attendees the precision and reliability of these micromotors, designed to comply with the current clinical requirements.

ZIATestOne opens the door to ZIACOR in the step to digitalization

Since 2016, ZIACOR CAD-CAM has been part of the global service that ZIACOM offers to professionals in oral implantology.

Ziacom showed its involvement in the new digital processing through ZiaTestOne, which allows to unify the metal try-in and porcelain try-in through a single clinical session.

The latest trends in implantology and bone regeneration

ZIACOM closed the event by presenting to the audience the implant systems of different morphologies and connections, including the new conical connection implants Galaxy and ZV2, and new regenerative solutions. The company pointed out the advantages of the synthetic bone substitutes OsseosBCP and OsseosTCP, and the synthetic resorbable membrane Zellplex.

The company had a large number of attendees who expressed an interest in the products and services. This made ZIACOM one of the leading companies in this event of great international prestige.

ZIACOM offers the professional an excellent range of prosthetic attachments for dental implants
ZIACOM participates in the 21st edition of the annual Gaceta Dental Awards
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