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On November 7, Ziacom gave a theoretical-practical workshop on the placement of ZINIC dental implants to the students of the ICOEC master’s degree in implant prosthetics, together with Drs. Juan Pedro Mazón and Sergio Rodríguez Silva.

The theoretical part of the workshop was carried out by Ziacom’s Technical Product Manager, Dr. José Sirica. It reviewed the basic concepts of the ZINIC system as well as its surgical protocol.

The practical part was developed under the direction of Drs. Juan Pedro Mazón and Sergio Rodríguez Silva, and consisted in the placement of ZINIC implants on animal models, putting into practice what was seen in the theoretical part.

In these workshops, Ziacom gives the students of the master the opportunity to manipulate and implement the ZINIC implant system together with renowned doctors who solve their doubts, which enriches their professional training.