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ZIACOM begins its new campaign #DientesSanosParaTodos

According to a WHO (World Health Organization) report from December 2016, at least 400 million people do not have access to one or more basic health services. Each year 100 million people are thrown into poverty and 150 million people are often facing economical problems due to pay health services by their own. Dentistry is probably one of the less accessible sectors to universal health coverage (fundamental human right in the WHO Constitution of 1948).

Inequalities in oral health in Spain are apparent and depending on regions and social scales. It is essential the access of population to fluoride, in order to talk about prevention and it plays a fundamental role in oral health. According to a COEM study, the possibility of applying to fluoride toothpastes is considered nowadays the key for a correct prevention of dental caries. Unfortunately, there is also an absence of equity for this subject. The average expenditure per person and year in fluoride toothpastes was 7-8 USD in North America and Europe, and only 0´7-1 USD in Africa and Asia.

Population ageing and growing rates of diseases such as oral health and smoking ,among others, are expected to generate , worldwide, a demand of 40 million new health professionals by 2030, doubling the actual average.

Oral health NGOs in Spain which are named “Solidarity Dental Clinic” , cover the needs of a part of population without resources. Volunteers, who provide services selflessly, play a key role due to the increasing demand of dentists and health professionals in this sector.

In respond to its Corporate Social Responsibility labour, last December ZIACOM  launched its campaign #DientesSanosParaTodos in order to donate surgical material to different Dental NGOs . Therefore, the company will contribute to help to an average of 15,000 people that do not have resources in Spain and Third World countries.

The Communication Manager of ZIACOM declares: This information allows to know there are a lot of people, without universal health coverage, who are not able to afford a caries treatment by themselves. That is why, we decide to got down to work and we contacted with the most important NGOs and foundations, which through dental clinics, make a great social labour for people without resources and the ones are in risk of social exclusion in our country. Some of them operate in Third World countries, such us Dominic Republic, Rwanda, Cameroon and Haiti, among others. We are proud of contributing as far as possible to cover these needs, whose numbers are alarming”.

These are the NGOs that have received dental material from ZIACOM :

  • Odontología Solidaria has 8 social clinics distributed around all Spanish territory, where people from social services are attended. In turn, they cooperate with international projects supporting to specially vulnerable populations.

  • Dentalcoop has managed to stablish and equip dental clinics nationally and internationally. At the same time, they cooperate in Greek refugee camps.

  • Fundación Odontología Social tries to bring dental attention to most of people, bridging both people and culture, prioritizing those who are most vulnerable and building new health professionals in solidarity, through principles, knowledge and skills.

Both the creation of these clinics and the material supply have been possible thank to donations received over time through their partners, foundations and companies such as ZIACOM. However, this labour could not be possible without the support of more than 500 volunteers per year. Due to the concept of solidarity clinic, the company pretends to contribute to a better oral health of population.

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