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ZIACOM and the University of Salamanca committed to continuous training

ZIACOM y USAL educación

Today, technological advances are constantly evolving, so universities have to adapt the contents imparted and be at the forefront. By offering a high quality and advanced education, the university fills the gap between academic education and clinical practice.

It is a fact the migration from conventional dentistry, also considered “analogue”, to digital dentistry.  The digital flow is fully established in the sector, not only in the laboratory but also in the clinical practice. Proof of this is the wide range of products offered by sales firms.

ZIACOM gives a theoretical-practical seminar on intraoral scanning

A component of the digital flow process is the use of the intraoral scanner and as in all other techniques of dentistry, it is necessary for the professional to have extensive knowledge of the system to be used. Being informed about the features of the equipment, indications for use and limitations, among other topics, will help you to make clinical decisions that are essential for successful treatment.

In order to understand the importance of the theoretical-practical experience, on December 19th, Dr. Mariana Hernandez Diaz organized the day in order to satisfy all the needs of the students. After a detailed introduction to the theorical aspects of the Carestream CS3600 intraoral scanner, the workshop began in which the manipulation skills of the equipment and its software were developed.

Dr. Javier Montero Jiménez, professor at the University of Salamanca (USAL) and collaborator of ZIACOM was presented during the seminar. He has extensive experience in the application of digital techniques and, therefore, encourages students, so he was supporting the doctor Mariana Hernandez during the course.

Planning the future with USAL

Thereby, we close the 2018 formative cycle very enthusiastically and preparations for 2019 begin. Next year we will be back at USAL with new key points of digital flow, such as guided surgery.

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