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ZIACOM and Clinical Trainers unite to offer continuous training

Formación ZIACOM y Clinical Trainers

ZIACOM is proud to enter a collaborative relationship with the renowned training and consultancy centre Clinical Trainers Business School.

The renowned training platform is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in the direction and management of clinics. Among its training options, those of clinical direction and management, dental coaching, courses for auxiliaries, occupational risks and now, from the hand of ZIACOM, the use of intraroal scanner.

The best way to adapt to today’s technological changes is to stay informed of all developments, this includes dentists, hygienists, assistants, directors and consultants. Aware of this, Clinical Trainers partners with ZIACOM to offer courses on the use of intraoral scanners to clinic professionals.

Digital intraoral scanning day

In order to offer a personalised training, the workshop is aimed at a small group of participants, who have had the opportunity to share the morning training with Dr Mariana Hernández Díaz.

As a specialist in the digital area, Dr Hernández explained in a practical and simple way the benefits of the use of intraoral scanning, which include the reduction of total operating time (impression + pouring) and no need for physical storage. At the same time, she detailed the advantages of the different workflows: restoration, orthodontics and implantology.

For proper work with the scanner, it is important to become familiar with the software, to know the icons’ functions and to understand the required steps for optimal scanning. After this training, and at the end of the day, the attendees took a digital impression in a restoration on implants.

Continuous Collaboration

We closed 2018 with the first training day on intraroal scanners, and we have already prepared a varied schedule for 2019. We will keep you informed!

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