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ZIACOM and Bien Air Dental, a solid and prosperous partnership

ZIACOM y Bien Air

For more than a year ZIACOM, a Spanish company specialised in oral implant dentistry, and Bien Air, a Swiss company which manufactures equipment and handpieces for dentistry and medicine, have established a strong commercial collaboration.

After intensive market research, ZIACOM found in Bien Air a company in accordance with its philosophy of work and subsequently complemented its range of products for implantology by turning into an official distributor for the engines. In the area of dentistry, Bien Air is well known for offering quality products and a strong culture based on customer service. This is one of the key factors for which ZIACOM decided to establish an alliance with them.

Also it is important to highlight the acknowledgement by Bien Air for ZIACOM’s role in the field test of its new products. It is widely known in the industry that before launching a new product it is necessary to be tested and to check users’ perception of the changes implemented. For this purpose, Dr. Juan Pedro Mazón Esteve actively collaborated with ZIACOM during the whole process.

ZIACOM, special guest at the Bien Air booth during IDS 2019

During the last edition of the International Dental Show (IDS), Dr. Carolina Fernandez, Product Manager of ZIACOM, was invited for an interview about the new motors in implantology and surgery of the Swiss company.

During the session, Dr. Fernandez described her experience with the new designs, pointing out the main features: great illumination of the screen; easy handling of the programs; ability to sterilize the rotary controller;adjustment of the irrigation volume and the most important feature in ZIACOM’s area of interest, the final torque recording of implant placement.

ZIACOM appreciates Bien Air’s well-established relationship, commitment and high quality service. ZIACOM congratulates the entire Bien Air team for a long and recognised career in the dental industry on its 60th anniversary.

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