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Continuing with the ZIACOM® training sessions, a theoretical-practical workshop on Regeneration and Biomaterials was held last December 3rd for the students of the last course of Dentistry of CEU San Pablo in Montepríncipe, in charge of Dr. Bryan Behr.

During the workshop, students received information about the basic concepts of bone tissue, guided bone regeneration and the characteristics of ZIACOM® biomaterials.

After the theory was completed, the attendees were able to simulate a regeneration on a vertical defect in molar region in pig heads. Osseos BCP, a bone substitute composed of 75% Hydroxyapatite and 25% β tricalcium phosphate; Osseos TCP, composed of 99.9% β tricalcium phosphate; resorbable collagen membrane of porcine origin TGen® and synthetic PLGA membrane Zellplex® were used.