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Escáner Instraoral CS3600

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Do you know the Carestream CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner?

Technology and innovation are two concepts that are closely related in digital dentistry. Now the conventional perceptions that the patient dislikes so much are beginning to be relegated. Today, the intra-oral acquisition of images for diagnosis, surgical planning, orthodontics or prosthodontics; with the latest technology in intraoral scanners, it is a possible practice with results applicable in the daily clinic.

Carestream has launched a current proposal that combines reliability, speed and high definition images in a single computer with an open system: the CS 3600. Recent studies demonstrate that its high accuracy and reliability place it among the best intraoral scanners of the market. A perfect combination of technology and vanguard, offered by ZIACOM to offer the professional the maximum precision in digital dentistry.