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Discover the advantages of the new ZIACOM TORK70 torque ratchet

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The new ZIACOM TORK70 torque ratchet allows you to easily adjust each external part to a maximum torque. This ratchet does not exceed the predetermined value and allows the piece to rotate easily.

Indicator and limiter ratchets

Depending on the required tightening torque, torque ratchets typically include an elastic element with a variable preload. There are two types of ratchets: indicator and limiter.

Indicator ratchets are those that have a visual scale, on which the user can choose the torque to be applied to the external part. As for the limiting ratchets, they are characterised by a certain or fixed torque, the torque magnitude of which can be adjusted.

Torque wrenches based on springs

In contrast to these, torque ratchets based on helical springs present some difficulty in use, since the effort that the user has to make to adjust the key to the selected torque is increasing according to this value.

When using these ratchets, the professional must overcome the preload force of the spring Therefore, as the applied torque increases, the spring deformation increases. Hooke’s law states that the preload force also increases, and the effort required by the user is increasing.

This is why it is not possible to achieve very high torques with these keys, as this would require a great deal of effort. Spring-loaded ratchets also feature the so-called “creep” phenomenon. This peculiarity affects the increase in the deformation that a material undergoes when a constant force is applied to it, which causes a relaxation of the spring tension that distorts the torque scale.

Advantages of the TORK70 torque ratchet

The TORK70 torque ratchet offers numerous advantages over conventional spring-loaded ratchets. It has a light Ti body and is more comfortable to use because the effort required to adjust the torque is minimal and independent of its value.

The tightening arm for torque application has an elastic connection to the main body of the ratchet, similar to a Charnier joint. In the absence of a preload force that requires more effort, this joint allows the ratchet to deliver higher torques.

The torque wrench is manufactured without blind holes and consists of three parts that are easy to separate, assemble and clean, making it much quicker to autoclave.

Due to their calibration only on the body, the additional heads are combined without any risk. The ratchet has a torque and ratchet function. This mechanism, consisting of a toothed wheel and trigger, allows the gear to turn to one side, but prevents it from turning in the opposite direction with the teeth in the shape of a saw, so that they do not break when turning backwards.

The wrench is supplied by ZIACOM with 4x4mm square RA connection for high torque transfer and can also be used with screwdrivers from other systems thanks to the ISO 1797 connection.


  • Default scale: 10-20-25-25-30-40-40-50-60 and 70 Ncm.
  • Deviation of accuracy allowed: +/- 10%.
  • Ratchet function: one direction (reversible).
  • Force to disassemble the bits of the key: 5-10 Ncm.
  • Cleaning and sterilization: easy to clean. Autoclave according to IFU.
  • Separation: the two parts can be separated in less than five seconds.
  • Disconnection safety: no detachable parts can be unhooked during intraoral use.
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