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The ZIACOM bowling league has started!

2ª liga de bolos

After the success achieved in the first ZIACOM bowling league, the company has decided to organise a new tournament for 2019, in which all the workers of the group have been able to register to participate.

For this reason, on Saturday 27 April 2019, the ZIACOM group workers registered for the 2nd bowling league met at the bowling alley of the Tres Aguas shopping centre in Alcorcón to compete for the best classification in this new edition.

The teams were made up of groups of three people. As on previous occasions, the league will award the team with the highest score, the maximum individual female score and the maximum individual male score.

This day, between a lot of fun and friendly competition has left the scoreboards very even, so now promises to be a very tight tournament.

Next month, players will return to play for being the best in the standings and can again enjoy an entertaining day of bowling, after that, we will announce the ranking changes.

ZIACOM organises different events with the aim of improving the working environment

The day-to-day running of ZIACOM’s facilities is usually hectic and with limited time for workers to get to know each other between the different departments of the company. For this reason, ZIACOM organises team activities with the aim of giving its employees the opportunity to chat in a relaxed way and get to know each other better. Through these events, an ideal working environment is created in which all employees have relationships of complicity and friendship, so that these events become a positive point in their working relationship.

Soon we will keep you informed about the evolution of the second ZIACOM bowling league. Good luck to all participants and may the best ones win!

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