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The UCM Master in Implantoprosthesis team visits the facilities of ZIACOM

Máster en Implantoprótesis de la UCM

Last February 7th, Proffesor. Jaime del Río Highsmith (Director of the Implant Prosthetics Master at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid), along with Dr. Alicia Celemín Viñuela and her students, visited the new ZIACOM facilities, placed in the town of Pinto, to have a conference dedicated to introducing some of the most relevant products.

An overview of the company and the manufacturing processes

The ZIACOM Product Department: Dr.  Carolina Fernández Bello (Oral Surgeon), Dr. Mariana Hernandez Diaz (Oral Surgeon) and Dr.  Daniela Bazzano Saglimbeni (Prosthodontist), conducted a brief introduction of the company and an exhibition of the most outstanding products. These included single-piece implants, ZMK, ZMR and ZMRs; the Kirator abutment and the XDrive and Basic transepithelial abutments. They also discussed the progress that digital dentistry is experiencing, as a result of guided surgery and intraoral scanning. At last, all manufacturing processes of implants, prosthetic attachments and surgical instruments were reviewed.

During the day, there was also time for relax. Attendees enjoyed a coffe-break, in which the visitors could have a talk with the ZIACOM staff.

Tour around the ZIACOM factory

At the end of the seminar, the attendees were divided into small groups and were guided through the ZIACOM factory. This allowed visitors to visualize all the processes of production that had been already explained and also to have a look at how the manufacturing operations work. They also visited the different departments of ZIACOR, the milling centre and CAD-CAM laboratory of the Ziacom Medical Group.

The tour around the Ziacom production centre was highly appreciated by the guests from the UCM Implant Prosthetics Master, because this is a user-friendly approach to learn about the manufacturing of implants.

ZIACOM will be exhibiting at the new edition of the international trade fair IDS
ZIACOM is satisfied after attending the IV Biennial COEM Congress
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