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T-Gen, a reference biomaterial in the field of bone regeneration

membrana de colágeno reabsorbible

ZIACOM incorporates the T-Gen resorbable collagen membrane in the product portfolio. The new biomaterial is introduced as the definitive solution to meet the needs of regenerative dentistry.

Resorbable collagen membrane

T-Gen is a reabsorbable collagen membrane, which originated in porcine tissue, provided with a high strength to tear, facilitating the manipulation of this membrane, as well as a good stability and integration in the adjacent tissue. Due to the quick hydration and flexibility, the product fits the shape of the surface to be optimally preserved. Furthermore, the slow reabsorption enables to function as a barrier for more than 3 months.

Membrane T-Gen is suitable for use in Guided Bone Regeneration (ROG) and Guided Tissue Regeneration (RTG) techniques due to its extraordinary properties. This membrane is a combination of efficiency, quality and long-term aesthetic results.

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