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5th «Oral surgery post-mortem» workshop

surgery post-mortem

Surgery post mortem workshop

ZIACOM supported to 3º Quadrante (Exclusive ZIACOM distributor in Portugal) in the «5th Oral surgery post-mortem» workshop. The course was held on 10th and 11th of November at the Fernando Pessoa Gondomar- Porto Teaching-Hospital (Portugal).

Headed by Dr.Fernando Magro, Mr. Abel Salgado, Mr. Fernando Caldeira (3º Quadrante) and the special collaboration of Od./DDS Mª Carolina Fernández Bello (Technical Product Manager de ZIACOM, CODES: 33001593), the surgical practices with ZIACOM ZMK implants in head corpses were been performance.

The result was very positive for the assistants and widely attended.