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5th «Oral surgery post-mortem» workshop

surgery post-mortem

Surgery post mortem workshop

ZIACOM supported to 3º Quadrante (Exclusive ZIACOM distributor in Portugal) in the «5th Oral surgery post-mortem» workshop. The course was held on 10th and 11th of November at the Fernando Pessoa Gondomar- Porto Teaching-Hospital (Portugal).

Headed by Dr.Fernando Magro, Mr. Abel Salgado, Mr. Fernando Caldeira (3º Quadrante) and the special collaboration of Od./DDS Mª Carolina Fernández Bello (Technical Product Manager de ZIACOM, CODES: 33001593), the surgical practices with ZIACOM ZMK implants in head corpses were been performance.

The result was very positive for the assistants and widely attended.

5th Workshop «Surgical Instruments in Oral Implantology»
Expo-Dentária Lisboa 2017-26th Congress of «A ordem dos médicos dentistas»
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