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ZIACOM, new sponsor of the Spanish Implant Society

Sociedad Española de Implantes

Eugenio Velasco, president of the Spanish Society of Implants (SEI), and Alejandro del Valle, president and CEO of Ziacom Medical SL, signed a collaboration agreement last March whereby ZIACOM became a new sponsor of the SEI.

This agreement is in accordance with ZIACOM ‘s expansion strategy and the aim to be a reference figure at trade fairs and congresses both nationally and internationally, always offering the highest quality in its products and services.

In Alejandro del Valle’s words, this collaboration will allow ZIACOM to have the support of one of the leading companies in the sector, scientifically endorsing our research projects and new developments. SEI’s support is a hallmark of scientific excellence and is relevant to us in establishing and disseminating our scientific and commercial programmes in the form of symposia, conferences, workshops, continuing education courses, etc.

For his part, Eugenio Velasco expressed his satisfaction since the agreement represents the consolidation of a collaboration project of the Spanish Implant Society with companies in the sector, especially Spanish companies. In this sense, the SEI and ZIACOM are initiating a common commitment to development and innovation in both their training and research aspects in accordance with the current challenges of oral implantology.

Both SEI and ZIACOM expect that the signing of this agreement will be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration for both entities.

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