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SHARING KNOWLEDGE – Digital Workflow Ziacom & Carestream Dental, took place on November 15 at the Palacio Neptuno in Madrid. An unprecedented event on digital flow with five of the best specialists in dentistry.

In the event, doctors Giuliano Fragola, Massimiliano Urso, Javier Ortega, Juan Manuel Aragoneses and Sergio Rodríguez Silva met to discuss various topics on digital flow: concepts, advantages, limitations and how it was their experience to include it in their daily practice. Subsequently, individualized demonstrations were held for those interested who wanted to know first hand the advantages of the Carestream CS 3600 intraoral scanner.

Digital dentistry is no longer the future of the profession but the present. The digitalization of dental practice has been the challenge for many professionals who have understood that accuracy and precision are vital for optimal and predictable results.

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De izquierda a derecha: Dr. Juan Manuel Aragoneses, Mariana Hernández - Product Manager Ziacom, José Miguel Piedrafita - Regional Sales and Service Director (South Cluster) - Carestream Dental, Dr. Massimiliano Urso, Dr. Giuliano Fragola, Alejandro del Valle - CEO Ziacom, Dr. Javier Ortega, Dr Sergio Rodríguez Silva, Christian Ordóñez - Sales Operations Management Iberia Ziacom