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Implant systems

ZIACOM’s implants are made of high performance grade 4 Zitium titanium, which gives them a substantial improvement in their elastic limit and mechanical properties.  ZIACOM implants offer solutions for all types of treatments and indications.

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Aditamentos cementadas

Abutments and components

Multiple rehabilitations

The ZIACOM components are a real guarantee for the future. In its product portfolio ZIACOM offers anatomical healing abutments, closed tray impression abutments, temporary titanium and Peek abutments among other products.


Surgical and prosthetic

The manufacture of its implants, prosthetic attachments and surgical instruments is characterized by its innovation, efficiency and quality. Improving the capacity and usefulness of its products, and offering customers an excellent final product is its main reason for being.

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Soft and hard tissue regeneration procedures to recover lost volume are increasingly necessary in implant aesthetics and functionality. The treatment objectives and the expectations of each patient change in each case, which is why ZIACOM offers the professional a range of biomaterials that provide predictable and reliable regenerative solutions for implant success.

Guided Surgery

The digital implant planning software for guided surgery opens up a world of possibilities in diagnosis and planning prior to implant surgery, being an indispensable tool for professionals who wish to work on their interventions in a safe, precise and efficient manner.

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Bien-Air Dental surgical motors

Aparatology and other products

ZIACOM is an official distributor of the surgical motors of the Well-Air Dental range and is an authorized distributor of the Bien-Air Dental range and is an authorized distributor of the Carestream Dental for the Carestream CS 3600 intraoral digital scanner.