Guided Surgery

Ziacom 3D is a digital surgical simulation service for planning prosthetically guided implant surgery.

Guided surgery software and protocols

With Ziacom 3D we provide the dentist with a comprehensive system for planning and performing guided surgery, through the digital representation and positioning of the implants and the approximation of the final result of the treatment before it is performed.

Thanks to this, Ziacom 3D makes it possible to prevent incidents during the intervention, as well as to shorten the duration of the surgery and the rehabilitation time.

Total planning

3D digital simulation makes it possible to detect in advance the difficulties that could arise during the intervention, foreseeing more efficient solutions tailored to the clinical situation of each patient…

Safety and reliability

The guided surgical guide facilitates the practitioner’s work and reduces operating time thanks to the level of precision it brings to the surgical procedure.

Reduction of deadlines

Depending on the patient’s clinical condition and the clinician’s prosthetic planning, Ziacom 3D allows the prosthetic restoration to be performed in a single session. In addition, guided surgery offers the clinician the possibility of preparing the prosthesis for immediate loading prior to surgery.

Ziacom 3D Surgical Cage (3DBOX100C)

The Ziacom 3D surgical box is ergonomically designed to simplify the surgical protocol and enable fast, precise and safe surgery. It is also a “keyless” guided surgery kit that allows its use without the need for reducing spoons, since all the drills in the kit are equipped with a stop and are individualized for each implant diameter and length.