Rehabilitations with transepithelials


XDrive abutment

The XDrive abutments are an efficient and safe solution for the fabrication of multiple screwed prosthetic structures.

Ziacom Medical, SL has two models of transepithelials, in external and internal connections of compatible hexagon:

XDrive® (Multi-Unit® compatibility) 17º straight and angles (gingival heights: 2, 3, 4 y 5mm) and 30º (gingival heights: 3, 4 and 5mm).

XDrive® ZIACOM® transepithelials abutments are simple and proved solution for multiple screwed retained prosthesis structures. These intermediate abutment of low profile is available on differents insertion angles and gingival heights that allows to obtain immediate loading prosthesis and facilitates aesthetic provisional results.

XDrive® abutments offer a 100% guarantee of compatibility with ZIACOM® implants family.

XDrive® abutments are manufactured in Ti 6Al-4V and their durability and strength are tested. They are characterized by their high precision adjustment due to their high quality milling.

  • Precision impression technique.
  • Applicator for stable and fast insertion, included with the abutment.
  • Different insertion angles and gingival heights
  • Low profile platform with no edges for proper soft tissue healing.
  • Reliable prosthetic fittings with precise adjusment.
  • Predictable and aesthetic results.


  • To avoid manipulation of the connection direct to the implant.
  • Multiple rehabilitation impressions are easier and more reliable.
  • To minimize patient discomfort on impression and prosthetic tests.
  • To preserve biological sealing thus reducing inflammation of peri-implant tissue and risk of suffering from peri-implantitis.
  • To favor adjustment of structures.
  • To allow structures with ceramic materials.
  • Hermetic interface on abutment-implant joint that reduces bacterial infiltration.
  • Easy and comfortable maintenance of multiple prostheses.
  • To mantain the biological width and improve the crown-root ratio.
  • Trans-occlusal screw works as a fuse in case of overload.