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Bien-Air Dental’s surgical motors are innovative devices are lightweight, space-saving and have ergonomic contra-angle handpieces. These motors are equipped with intuitive systems that allow you to use the programs you want and customize them, adapting to different clinical needs.

They are precision equipment with efficient and powerful micromotors and systems for implantology that meet the clinical requirements and allow professionals to work with confidence.

  • Micro-series

    Bien-Air Micro-Series is the association of the new series of compact Bien-Air counter-angles and handpieces with the new generation of micromotors with LED light. More compact-sized and lightweight, micro-Series sets offer exceptional handling and balance.

  • Quality Led

    Bien-Air sets new standards in LED lighting. Intensity adjustable from 0 to 38,000 lux, perfectly white and natural light, lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional bulb, does not overheat, and has an exceptional resistance to sterilization.

  • Care Free

    With its life-long lubricated ball bearings, your micromotor requires no lubrication after each use. The result is an optimum oil quantity, faster commissioning and lower maintenance costs.

  • Dualook

    In addition to being solid, the two fibreglass conductors provide a non-glare, enveloping illumination that subtly shows the relief. Dualook: the best lighting on the market.

  • Accu-Chuck

    The world’s most precise adjustment and rotary drive technology. Find perfectly balanced instruments, without fluctuations or vibrations. The best of Swiss Technology.

  • Smart logic

    The most precise control ever achieved on a micro motor. A cutting-edge electronic system perfectly controls torque, speed and instrument position. Even at extremely low speed.

  • Easy-Nav

    Accessible, easy and intuitive navigation. You can work in a logical, fast and assisted way. Without artificial aid. Easy-Nav. Professional interface.

Chiropro Surgical Motor by Bien-Air Dental

* According to tests carried out in Bien-Air Dental’s research laboratory, the drive system of the CA 20:1 CA handpiece has been
optimized to withstand more than 1600 uses at 70 Ncm. This substantially increases the instrument’s service life.

General dental practitioner or experienced surgeon, are you seeking a fast, simple and efficient solution for your implant dentistry procedures ?
Look no further than the Chiropro. Your perfect solution for precise and smooth placement of implants.

Powered by the Chiropro, the new MX-i micromotor combined with the CA 20:1 handpiece offer you the very best rotary technology for all your implant-related procedures. Coupled with the MX-i micromotor, the CA 20:1 handpiece (also available in Kirschner/Meyer and Micro-Series versions) provides unparalleled speed stability for precise and smooth placement of implants. As the most durable implantology handpiece on the market*, the CA 20:1 handpiece has a unique internal irrigation system. Thus, you are not bothered by the irrigation line when handling the instrument. You can carry out your procedures easily and with confidence.

Chiropro PLUS Surgical Motor by Bien-Air Dental

In addition to implant dentistry, do you also perform oral surgery procedures ? Then, discover the Chiropro PLUS, specially developed for oral
surgeons and oro-maxillo-facial surgeons. Thanks to the many possible motor-instrument combinations, the Chiropro PLUS is the perfect system for carrying out all your periodontal surgery and oral surgery procedures, including hemisectomy

ORAL SURGERY (incl. hemisectomy)
Combined with the PM 1:2 straight handpiece and the MX-i PLUS micromotor, the Chiropro PLUS is the perfect solution for your oral surgery procedures, particularly wisdom tooth extraction. Thanks to the high power of the PM 1:2, the sectioning time is reduced by 70% (just 12 seconds to fully section a tooth) and the force required is significantly reduced. The risk of overheating is considerably reduced thanks to the self-cooling system built into the MX-i PLUS.

You can also carry out your oral and periodontal surgery procedures using the combination of the Chiropro PLUS, MX-i PLUS micromotor and new CA 1:2.5 highspeed handpiece. While the angular shape of the handpiece might be better adapted than a straight handpiece depending on the target operating area, the high torque provided by the MX-i PLUS and its built-in self-cooling system ensure a quick procedure without overheating, even during long and complex procedures. Work safely and predictably !

Why choose iChiripro surgical motor?

Bien-Air Dental surgical motors
Chiripro, a Bien-Air Dental revolution!

A new device, controlled by the iPad and equipped with some of the most effective instruments on the market, introduces a new generation of medical devices to implantology. Bien-Air’s goal is to facilitate the work of professionals thanks to innovative solutions.

iChiripro surgical motor innovative in implantology

MX-i LED micromotor with lifetime lubricated, maintenance-free ceramic ball bearings. Unparalleled working comfort due to high torque at both high and low speeds.

AC 20:1 L contra-angle handpiece Micro-Series with internal irrigation for convenient operation, one of the smallest heads ever designed and a dual LED illumination that is homogeneous regardless of the speed of rotation. iPad in control of your implantology system with new, practical features that ensure unparalleled ease of use.

iChiropro iPad application

Simplified operations thanks to an intuitive and ergonomic application. Available on Apple’s App Store, the iChiropro application offers many possibilities for customization. New and innovative features will be integrated on a regular basis to further enhance the performance of the system.