Surgical Instrument box

ZIACOM has a surgical kit suitable for the morphology of each of its implants. In each surgical box, the instruments are arranged with an intuitive sequence of use by columns and identification by colours.

Galaxy - ZV2

For Galaxy and ZV2 conical connection new implants, the surgical box BOX900 with tray that integrates plastic and silicone without relief has been designed, ideal for easy and thorough cleaning and sterilization. This surgical box includes a torque ratchet that allows the control of torque in the insertion.

Zinic- ZM4

The surgical box BOX800 integrates a new workflow by columns with differentiation of colour platform and new models of extenders, optional taps for ratchet or counter-angle, crestal drills, paralleling pin– gauges and cortical drills.

ZinicMT - ZM4MT - ZM1

The conical implant surgical box BOX400 is a guarantee of speed and safety in implant surgery. Due to the characteristics of the conical drills by size, a simplified surgical process is possible; first you choose the column of the selected length and subsequently you must use the drills sequentially increasing the diameter with complete calm of not to go deep exceeding the planned length thanks to the stop in the drill.

Zinic Shorty

The surgical box BOX150 is the specific instruments kit for ZinicShorty implant. One of its most important functions is to facilitate the insertion in surgical beds with limited mouth opening or reduced space. Also, the surgical box includes tubes to put the implant and disassemble its mount before implant insertion in the surgical bed.


The surgical box BOX600 is designed to carry out a simplified and transmucosal surgical protocol, suitable to the morphology and indication of the ZMK and ZMR one-piece implants.


The surgical instrument box BOXD100 allows the placement of ZM8s and ZM8n implants with two different morphologies, conical and straight, without a mount. It is the implant of ZIACOM range for Allon4 technique.