Surface treatment

Titansure surface treatment, textured by sustraction using sandblasting with white corundum and double etching of hydrofluoric acid and a combination of sulphuric and phophoric acids, achieves a macro and micro porosity with optimum average values whose key characteristics for achieving a correct and rapid osseointegration which gives it reliability and predictability.

Osseonova surface treatment 100x

Images taken using an electronic microscope S.E.M

Main features

  • Pure TIO 2 surface.
  • Macro- Micro-porosity.
  • Homogeneous porosity.
  • Optimal average values.
  • Osteoinductive surface.
  • High level of biological stability.
  • Surface structure similar to human bone.
  • High level of surface wettability.
  • Contaminant-free surface topography.

Shorter times

Several scientific studies have shown that mixed treatment surfaces with a rugged or porous surface considerable increase bone-implant contact and accelerate the osseointegration process against implants with conventional surfaces.

Titansure surface facilitates rapid cell, thus obtaining excellent biological stability that favours the osteogenesis process. At the same time, it significantly reduces the period of osseointegration and increases the percentage of clinical success.