The latest technology in intraoral scanner

Technology and innovation are two concepts that are closely related in digital odontology The conventional impressions that the patient dislikes so much are beginning to be dismissed. Nowadays, the acquisition of intraoral images for diagnosis, surgical planning, orthodontics or prosthodontics; with the latest generation of intraoral scanner.

Carestream Dental has launched a current proposal that combines reliability, speed and high-definition images in a single device with an open system: the Carestream CS 3600. Recent studies show that its high precision and veracity, place it among the best intraoral scanners on the market. A perfect combination between technology and vanguard, offered by ZIACOM to offer the professional maximum precision in digital dentistry.

Soporte del Scanner CS 3600
A faster, smarter, more efficient scanner
  • Intelligent matching system

  • Work organically

  • Features developed to ensure your comfort and that of your patients

  • Different scans require different heads

  • View and explain the Full HD 3D images

  • CS 3600 includes three specific workflows; orthodontics, restoration and implant restorations.

  • Simple implant planning

  • STL file with socket = digital models

  • Suitable for any laboratory environment

  • Open Streaming: Certified Partners

  • Resolution, accuracy and precision in digital streaming

Why choose CS 3600?

100% portable system, USB connection

100% open and free system, without any type of quota

Capture HD colour with clearer and detailed images

Heater integrated, No steaming up of the mirror during the acquisition

No use of powders

Reduced scanning time due to continuous high scan rate

Speed, full-arch impression with bite registration