Why choose ImplantologyCard Club?

ImplantologyCard Club

Discover the advantages of ImplantologyCard Club, this platform of partners unique in the market!

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    Without obligation

    Enjoy the advantages, without commitment of permanence or purchase volumes.

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    Special conditions

    Just for being a member, from the 1st implant you can benefit from significant discounts. Our sales network will inform and explain you in detail how to apply the advantages in ZIACOM prostheses and instruments.

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    Quarterly promotions

    You can obtain, among other benefits, the bonus of the annual club fee. We will inform you of these promotions through our web, commercial network and our department of attention to the ICC partner.

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    Exclusive partners forum

    If you decide to be part of this innovative club you will have the possibility to participate in a forum of exclusive partners of ZIACOM®, where you can solve doubts about protocols and products with other colleagues in the sector or our own staff.

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    Free training

    You can participate in our continuous training program for partners on protocols of our system and products. Our department of attention to the ICC member will inform you promptly and in advance of dates, programs and calls. In addition, you will also receive information about our on-line training.

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    Pre-release news

    As a partner, you will be the first to know the special offers of our new products.

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    Plan Join US

    We want to reward your fidelity! If you bring a new partner or provide clinical cases you can get special gifts.

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    Lifetime guaranty

    Lifetime guaranty on our implants. The conditions of guaranty coverage can be found on our website.