External hexagonal connection implant

Implante ZM8s
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    Prosthetic external hexagon connection

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    Active Apex

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    Osseonova surface treatment

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Main features

Connection ZM8S

External hexagonal connection: simplicity and versatility.

Upper screw canal: facilitates the insertion of the screws.

Cortical area

Mechanised ring (0,4mm): allows to raise the prosthetic gap according to the crestal bone in medium-thick biotypes; voiding to expose the treated surface in irregular crest.

Micro-threads design: preserves the marginal bone.

Micro-threads extension: improves load distributions.

Macro-design: makes an appropriate cortical compression.


 Double lead thread of reduce angle: provide stability during insertion and increase bone implant contact (BIC).

Macro-design: quick insertion and surgical time reduction.

Active apex (self-tapping): facilitates insertion in under drilling.

Apical vents: collect bone detritus during the insertion.

Optimized morphology: high primary stability.