Conical connection implants

Implante GALAXY
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    11° Conical connection with double internal hexagon

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    Active Apex

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    Osseonova surface treatment

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Main features

Connection GALAXY

Conical connection: 11° morse taper with double internal hexagon

Conical sealing:  no infiltration.

Friction fit: no micro-movements

RP single platform for all diameters

Platform switch: soft tissue formation and emergence profile shaping


Double lead thread: quick insertion to reduce surgical time

Grooved canal threads and plateau: releases bone stress and enables fluid flow

Variable geometry thread: provides high primary stability:

  • Coronal – thick trapezoidal thread
  • Medium – thinner trapezoidal thread
  • Apical – V-shaped thread

Optimised morphology

Apical oblique vents: collect bone detritus during the insertion and facilitates a change of insertion axis

Active apex (self-tapping): makes the implant insertion easy with undersized drilling technique

Atraumatic apex: protects anatomical structures

Conical design

Facilitates bone shaping at low density

Indicated for immediate loading

Indicated for immediate post-exodontic placement

Indicated for apical collapse situations

Cortical area

Micro-thread design: preserves marginal bone, reduces cortical stress and improves load distributions

Inverted cone cortical macro-design: no cortical compression (except for 3,40mm diameter implant)