Rehabilitations with transepithelials


Basic abutment

The Basic abutment is a high-performance transepithelial designed by ZIACOM that has a transocclusal screw with a longer length and metric than other transepithelial screws.

Ziacom Medical, SL has two models of transepithelials, inexternal and internal connections of compatible hexagon:

Basic® straight abutment (gingival heights: 1 – 5mm).

Basic® two pieces straight abutment, suitable for single prostheses (gingival heights: 2, 3 y 4mm).

Basic® abutment is available for all platforms, offering common abutments for the same ones, plus anodized in blue.

Basic® unitary anti-rotation abutment, allows to restore with unitary screw prosthesis in cases of unfavorable shoulder depth of the implant due to different gingival heights it has (3 and 4mm), according to the LAC of adjacent parts or platforms of other implants, due to havinga thick gingival biotype, a crest defects-atrophies, or a big prosthetic space.

Indications for Transepithelial abutments:

  • Correct angulations and divergences to facilitate insertionaxes of the prosthesis.
  • Solve depthness of implants.
  • Correct implant unevenness, by bone atrophies, in multiple prosthesis.


  • Avoid manipulation of the connection direct to the implant. In multiple rehabilitations impressions are easier and more reliable.
  • Minimize patient discomfort on impression and prosthetic tests.
  • It preserves biological sealing thus reducing inflammation of the peri-implant tissue and the risk of suffering from periimplantitis.
  • It favors adjustment of structures.
  • It allows structures with ceramic materials.
  • Hermetic interface on abutment-implant joint. Reduces bacterial infiltration.
  • Easy and comfortable maintenance of multiple prostheses.
  • Adjust the biological width and improve the crown-root ratio.
  • Trans-occlusal screw functions as a fuse in case of overload.