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ZIACOM introduces its the new Z2Plus mount

multifunctional abutment

ZIACOM expands the product portfolio to including the new Z2Plus multifunctional abutment. This abutment is made of ELI HT grade 5 titanium and offers the following outstanding features: vertical implant positioning, cuttable abutment morphology for temporary or permanent prostheses, and optimal use for closed tray impression taking (used in conjunction with Snap-On).

Features of the new Z2Plus mount

The Z2Plus as a prosthetic abutment is an option for immediate provisionalization and esthetics in cement-retained or cement-screwed restorations, and for single or multiple restoration cases. This option is designed to satisfy the needs of professionals and complies with the objectives of saving time in the cabinet, reducing the number of appointments and reducing costs, with a satisfactory and predictable result.

ZIACOM sponsors the 5th module of the Dental Call Center implantology course
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