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ZIACOM continues to sponsor the modular implantology course at Dental Call Center

Last Saturday, the 4th module of the 3rd edition of the Dental Call Center implantology modular course was held in  Algemesí, Valencia. This module was headed by doctors Juan Pedro Mazón, Rafael Pineda Villacorta and Hugo Vera Jiménez. ZIACOM sponsored it and was supported by Dr. Carolina Fernández Bello, Technical Product Manager of the company.

On this occasion, training was given on the different types of prosthetic attachments that ZIACOM offers to professionals. There was also a discussion about the indications for use of cemented and screwed prosthesis abutments, as well as options for overdenture attachments. This event also enhanced the advantages of full arch restorations with transepithelial pillars and the recommended torque of each attachment.

The attendees of the module took part in a practical workshop on resin models. Firstly, an impression was taken using the open tray and Splint technique using the Mount multifunction Zplus and impression screw. Afterwards, the Kirator processing pack was incorporated into a previously fabricated complete prosthesis.

During the workshop, ZIACOM supplied all the necessary prosthetic attachments and instruments to carry out the activity.

ZIACOM, will continue to support training for professional excellence, and to sponsor the next modules of the Dental Call Center Implantology course.

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