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Surprises on the last bowling day in ZIACOM

Once again, participants from ZIACOM participated in the company’s new bowling league for the 3rd competition.

The event, which concluded with some surprises, closed the first round of matches. As in previous meetings, the journey took place in the Bowling of Tres aguas mall.

BBC, leader in the ranking

After the competition, on Saturday April 7th , the BBC continues to lead the table, becoming the provisional champions of the company’s bowling league, closely followed by “Los Angeles de Miguel”.

However, the third round of bowling was not free of surprises. Children team’s recovery in the global ranking and the arrival of a new member in a team,were some of the most remarkable moments during the day.

In the single category, the outstanding results from our team-mates Juan Adrián and Javier Esteban, who have managed to become the top players in this edition of the competition.

Second round of matches

Nothing is decided yet! The race for the first place in the ranking will be decided in the second round of matches, which will start soon. You can’ t miss it!

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