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ZIACOM implants and abutments course at CEUFP

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On December 13, the students of the CEUFP received a theoretical-practical course on ZIACOM® implants and abutments as part of their collaboration agreements. During the course, the students received information about some of the implants from the wide range of ZIACOM® implants according to each clinical case: The ZV2, Zinic®Shorty and ZMK® implants were selected so that they could learn about their different characteristics and clinical indications, while at the same time they experienced three surgical protocols on synthetic models, using surgical motors from the Swiss company Bien-Air®.

In addition, the day included a section focused on the prosthetic abutments that ZIACOM® has available for the three implant connections: Abutments for cemented and screw-retained prostheses, impression abutments, abutments for overdentures, transepithelial abutments and for CAD-CAM restorations.

Once again, ZIACOM® promotes the teaching of future health professionals to enrich their professional training.

Placement of Galaxy® and ZINIC® Shorty implants
Ziacom Christmas Cocktail
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