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ZIACOM brings together the sales team to inform about the latest company news

Formación ZIACOM a su equipo comercial
Implantology training

Once again this year, ZIACOM is committed to training the employees. The company, a leading designer and manufacturer of implants in Spain, appointed the national sales team for a 4-day training session which aimed at the practice and education of the latest company procedures.

The course gathered the new processes that the company is implementing over the next few months, where the new CRM implementation and the latest manufacturing and quality control processes were highlighted.

The key of the success of ZIACOM is the continuous training of its employees. For this reason, in this session, the qualities of the new Galaxy and ZV2 implants, as well as the manuals on prosthetic procedures: impression, provisional and definitive restoration, were emphasized.

The boom in the latest techniques used in digital dentistry has been a huge step forward for the company. The advancements in the techniques used in digital dentistry represent a huge step forward for the company.

Also ZIACOM shared with the team the last workflows established in the company, informing the employees about the Ziacom Guide Plan workflow and requirements, and the latest news about ZIACOR CAD-CAM.

After the final session, the sales team and the product department of the company, who were responsible for training, enjoyed the success of the event, in which the excellent harmony between the company’s employees could be appreciated.