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Last Saturday, June 2nd, a new module of the Dental Call Center implantology course was held. This module took place at ClinikSalud Odontólogos, located in the town of Algemesí, Valencia.

The course was headed once again by Dr. Juan Pedro Mazón with the assistance of Dr. Mariana Hernández, technical product manager of ZIACOM.

Zinic3D Guided Surgery Training

The subject selected for the session was ZIACOM Zinic3D planning software guided surgery training. Students were able to familiarize themselves with the advantages and requirements of guided surgery, verify the reliability and functionality of the software, and the process of designing and producing surgical guides.

Attendees of the course had a practical session, in which they had the opportunity to experience the guided surgery workflow, performing the drilling protocol and the insertion of implants in resin biomodels, using ZIACOM surgical guides.