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ZIACOM holds two implantology conferences in Colombia

Jornadas de implantología Colombia

As part of its great international expansion project, ZIACOM has chosen the well-known Colombian cities of Cartagena de Indias and Barranquilla to make its official presentation in Latin America. The company transferred from Spain a highly qualified team to share with local professionals opinions, training and institutional relations.

At the beginning of the conference Mr. Alejandro del Valle, CEO and president of ZIACOM, addressed a few words to the attendees and shared with them a corporate video of the trajectory of the company, from its beginnings to the present, exposing the present and future expansion projects. The presence of Mr. del Valle reiterates the commitment of ZIACOM with the formation and development of dental implants in Latin America.

ZIACOM, under the guidance of its distributor Oak Business, begins its presence in Colombia with the organisation of implantology conferences. Dr. Mauricio Arango, representative of Oak Business, has a long and close relationship with ZIACOM in Spain, as well as a wide clinical experience in modern implantology. Dr. Arango, honoring his roots, supports this ambitious project as clinical director.

Time at Universities

The first day of implantology held at the University of Cartagena de Indias, managed to bring together more than 160 participants, mostly final-year students. The young students represent the future of the dental profession, and ZIACOM, aware of this, is committed to their continuing education by organising events that allow them to experiment and handle the product.

The conference was attended by a local media that made a report on the event. Among the interviewees were the speakers and organizers of the day, who highlighted the importance of continuing education.

The second ZIACOM day was hosted by the Metropolitan University of Barranquilla, which brought together a group of specialists in implantology, surgery and periodontics, as well as students of the Master’s degree in periodontics from the Metropolitan University. During the call, the novelties of the sector were presented and peri-implant surgical techniques were discussed, as well as sinus lift as a treatment option. As an added value and scientific support, we had the attendance of outstanding personalities and directors of universities and scientific societies.

A brief summary of the speeches

Dr. Antonio Bascones, Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid and Spanish Royal Academy of Doctors, the main speaker at the event, focused his presentation on the trajectory and experience of peri-implant hard and soft tissue management in the anterior. During this exhibition, he shared different clinical cases with didactic videos, to represent the most avant-garde surgical techniques.

Subsequently, Dr. Antonio Diaz, Professor and Doctor in Biomedical Sciences, specialist in periodontics and implantology and professor at the University of Cartagena de Indias, emphasised on the importance of the maintenance of periodontal and peri-implant tissues to achieve the success of implant treatment. The Doctor relied on the evolution of several clinical cases to demonstrate the scope of the treatments performed, following a systematic protocol.

Next, Dr. Ramiro Blanco, Professor and Director of the Postgraduate Periodontics Clinic at Boston University and former Dean of the Colombian Dental College, spoke about the latest techniques in mucogingival surgery and their relationship with implantology and orthodontics, and sinus lift through the side vent.

Finally, Dr. Myriam Granados, periodontist, treasurer of the Chapter of the Colombian Academy of Periodontics for the Atlantic Coast and postgraduate professor at the Metropolitan University; exposed the correct management of periimplantitis with an extensive review of literature and scientific evidence. Diagnosis and planning are the basis of success and, for this, the current criteria for the treatment of periimplantitis must be considered.

Cutting-edge technology, learning by doing

Dr. Mariana Hernández, dentist and oral surgeon, led the hands on of guided surgery and intraoral scanning. The development of the competencies and skills of the professionals requires an organised and coordinated structure. To this end, the conference was programmed in two parts, a first theoretical part and a second practical part, based on the live handling of the products by the attendees.

To this end, Dr. Hernández explained the basic criteria of guided surgery planning with ZIACOM Zinic 3D software, its indications, advantages and limitations. The exhibition ended with the placement of implants in 3D impression models, through the use of surgical guides with design and digital impression.

In addition, he also presented the features and properties of the Carestream CS 3600 intraoral scanner. This technology is a fundamental step in the workflow transformation of clinics, towards a fully digital workflow. We could say that the intraoral scanner rather than the future of dentistry, is the present of the same, and professionals have available the latest technology to minimise time in the clinical chair and in laboratory processes.

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